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What the clients are saying about us. Names are hidden to protect our clients . 

I felt like all the strategies that Dorris showed me were very powerful, she modelled the techniques which really helped us how to do it.. she listened and allowed us to finish. She also asked us what I felt like focusing on the following week. As a recap, she also asked what I am taking from each session to ensure I understood the session. Doris is Fab.😊
I have found the guidence given has been very helpful in all areas and I would certainly recommend to anyone in need. Esp as you have the same person each session mine was a great choice. Understanding all the way through and constructive advice. So thank you.
I was very pleased with the service, very professional and helped a lot, always punctual and provided resources and references for self-help during sessions.
Hi Doris. My apologies for being such a terrible patient! Work is just so hectic, it's hard to keep up with anything. However, our short time together really helped and I'm definitely more on an even keel now. Thanks for your help.
Feeling a lot more confident in myself and my abilities. Feeling like I'm able to conquer a lot more than I was when I started. Have felt really supported.
I found it very helpful and comforting the fact that I could revisit my past and really express myself and have the chance to know how to move past it and live a better life.